He Must Have Read My Mind

That immediately crossed my mind after reading that Dave Winer transformed Scripting News into what he calls (and I would too) a noteblog. And even better: He will roll-out this new feature to all users with the next version Fargo.

I have been looking for something like that: A daily summary of thoughts, events, links etc. where each item would be too short to qualify for a full blog post.

Why not use Twitter for that?

  1. I don't like the merciless 140 limit.

  2. I don't like the fragmentation of daily content into isolated Tweets.

  3. Without a reasonable user oriented index, tagging or grouping mechanism Tweets are soon out of sight, out of mind. Storify could help but I already have a job.

  4. It seems that Twitter's development slowed down a lot, to say it nicely. Former competitors identi.ca and status.net had some really nice features (status.net had a configurable length for postings, they called dents, for instance) but (Twitter) users where to dull to try. Something I call the Facebook phenomena. A social dilemma where everybody thinks that the change of one person wouldn't change the current situation so nobody acts at all -- but I am zoning out here.

Anyway, I am looking forward to check out the new noteblog.

Btw., Dave already created a Bookmarklet which will make posting to Fargo easy.

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