Moin, Hi and Welcome

Some personal blurbs:

  • Critical mind meandering between idealism and reality.

  • Believes in the power of humanism and kindness.

  • Profession: Communication/IT engineer, audio engineer

  • Has worked as maintanance staff and lecturer in the German Air Force, freelance lecturer, audio engineer, it system techie and currently is a laboratory technician.

  • Likes: Music, tech stuff, guitars, photography, jogging, mountain biking, nature, animals, traveling, coffee, seafood.

  • Lives at the beautiful North Sea shore.

PS: While I am still discovering and learning the possibilities of Dave Winer's wonderful Outliner Fargo (the basis of this blog) this blog will be more or less a construchtion site.

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By Michael, Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 8:48 PM. When in doubt, blog.